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Horse Racing TV coverage is better than ever, not only can we watch every race live via Racing channels, Racing UK and Attheraces or in the betting shops or of course at home sat at our computers!

But the best move forwards for us Punters is being able to watch replays of every race, whenever we want and how often we want.

Formbook comments in running are excellent and should never be under estimated, after all, the race comments are put together by professionals who have vast experience in reporting tale of the race.

However, there can be no substitute for viewing the race for yourself, vital clues from the start, middle and most importantly the finish of the race.

Comments in running and replays give excellent clues like the following example...

Lets say your watching a replay of an 8 furlong race, the first couple of furlongs see a fairly hot pace with 3 horse dueling for the lead, just in behind them you notice the 4th placed horse going well within himself a couple of lengths off the lead, with 3 furlongs to go the leaders are still battling away but the early pace has taken its toll, other runners are closing in and our noted horse who travelled well upto now drops away.

The formbook comments might well read, Tracked leaders til effort and weakened over 2 furlongs out.

Eventually finishing 11th of 14 runners you scan the horses previous form, it has not raced for 87 days, where as other horses in the race were showing good recent form.

You note the horse has won previously so is a proven winner but has never even been placed after such a long lay off, it has tended to need 2 or 3 races to bring it to full fitness, this horse is a candidate for your notebook.

Another scenario is the unlucky in running type, boxed in with nowhere to go or a gap closes when just making its effort, such a horse may well be noted in the racing press but scan the horses career stats, does it have the habit of being "unlucky"? maybe it lacks a turn of foot to go through that gap before it closes or likes to pass tired horses off a strong pace?

Maybe the horse does not like being in front too long so the Jockey has to produce the horse late of the scene, such horses can be frustratingly hard to win with and bookmakers love them!

The Punters have Horse Racing TV coverage and replays at their fingertips, all the clues and the thrill of the race are before our eyes.

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