The Best Horse Racing System

The best horse racing system is the one you create yourself during research or methods you come accross on the web and find they fit your style of betting.

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You may have a similar system to many others but just one small ingredient/system rule that suits your betting style will be unique to you and that makes a big difference.

Many horse racing systems are on offer for sale, quite often with extravagant claims concerning profits and guaranteed success and with the claims come a large price tag as well!

There is no such thing as guaranteed success, such claims are erroneous and will leave you disappointed and out of pocket.

The better horse racing system is based on sound logic with rules that fit the current racing environment. Systems also have a limited shelf life: either because rules of racing change - rendering a part of the system or all of it obsolete - or the system becomes over used. With many punters using the same angle, prices become depressed but the win percentage doesn't change, so although the system itself is functioning fine the prices are too low, resulting in a loss over time.

Common Misconceptions abound regarding fixed methods. People often search for the 'holy grail' as it's often called when in fact it does not exist. A plan may well show profits over many seasons and some have shouted eureka, only for the system to eventually fail. Another misconception is research. A strategy based on sound rules that is researched over one or more previous seasons is already old, it can tell you that in the past the system worked and if the current racing environment hasn't changed in which the system will operate you may have reason to be optimistic for the season ahead. Research has its place but never forget that results are past results and even if the system still looks to be valid in the current climate it does not automatically follow that results will bare fruit.

Let's say a plan has 3 rules (it doesn't matter what the rules are at the moment) based on sound reasoning.

In the past we know that those 3 rules have proved successful and they are all valid for today, everything appears to be in place but results are disappointing.

All the rules work but they are not working together, the most common reason is that in our research we have identified a pattern, a sequence.

Quite often there is the temptation to tweak with the rules, and sods law has it that the next winner would have qualified under the old rules and not the new! Random sequences have fooled many researchers.

Horse Racing Systemsare powerful filters that can narrow down a days racing from a list of 30 races down to 3 or 4. A chosen method can highlight the races and type of horse you most favour. A system that suits your style is better than a plan which you have to fit around.

Whoever it was that set in stone the law that you must back every system qualifier must have either had shares in the major bookmaking companies, or have been too rigid in his thinking to ever get involved in the racing game!

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