Horse Racing Statistics

Horse racing statistics can provide a wealth of valuable information, from Trainers, Jockeys, Courses, and Favourites winning percentages on individual races. Information is freely available on the Web or from the specialist racing press.

Statistics highlight trends especially where Trainersare concerned. Trainers are generally creatures of habit - especially in the bigger stables where a large number of horses are in training. The smaller yards must take their opportunities as and when they can, but still target a favoured race course or race type.

Jockeysare closely bound to the ability of the trainer (and the current form of the yard) and the horse being ridden, but they still have favoured courses where they seem to ride the track better than some other venues.

A Trainer may have a good record at a particular course but his yard may be out of form when visiting a favoured course. This is where a view of the Stables recent form is vital. The same can be said for Jockeys because confidence has a big part to play. A lot of rides and very few wins can hardly do the jockeys confidence any good - especially if beaten on horses well fancied to win!

Course statistics regarding the performance of runners at the head of the betting market provide clues as to the reliability of the form at the track or how competitive the racing generally is. At the lower grade meetings form can be unreliable, at the top flight race courses (especially the festivals) racing is overall much more competitive.

As said earlier, statistics highlight trends and concerning recent form what we don't want to do is jump in on a Trainer's selection just as his form has peaked and he is on a downward trend. When horseracing statistics show figures for a Trainer or jockey for example that are far higher than his usual strike rate, we know that at some point there is going to be a downward turn in fortunes.

Websites such as THE SPORTING LIFE and ATTHERACES offer a wealth of freely available information.

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