Horse Racing Staking Plans

Horse racing staking plans provide a methodical approach to betting which can have a major role to play in a bettors endeavour to beat the book.

Faulty betting is at the heart of many a deficit, winners are found which backed to the same amount of money would either make a profit or at least achieve a near brake even situation but on so many occasions more has been laid on losing selections and less on winning ones, why?

Certain betting methods would avoid the following scenarios.

Very often a bettor will commence with a certain amount of money in his pocket for the days punting ahead, two scenarios now follow, an early winner is backed and the bettor feels that his luck is in and stakes often rise accordingly, an example might be a winner at 3/1 with £5 on, the bettor is £15 to the good, the next 2 bets are at £10 sakes and both lose.

At the same stake of £5 the bettor would still be £5 to the good, instead he finds himself £5 in the red. The other scenario is a run of 4 losers at £5 making a loss of £20, the punter has 3 selections left and £10 to bet with, the next 2 bets are £4 which lose and the final bet is for £2 on a winner at 5/1. In both examples more has been backed on Losersthan winners.

As well as good Staking Plansthere are bad ones,one such staking plan is the Martingale Systemwhich tries to win back any lost money when a winner is found.

As does the Fibonacci Staking Planwhich you might say is a close relative of the Martingale method.

But a very safe Staking Arrangement is the Retirement Staking Plan

A betting formula that’s taken from the Roulette table is the La Boucherestaking method, it’s a cancellation plan and as you’ll see it needs a high strike rate to operate with.

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