Horse Racing Live Odds


Horse racing live odds is where all the action is: the live odds are the bookmakers and the punters opinion of the likely outcome of the race in question.

The forecast morning prices are an estimate of the likely SP (Starting Price) of the runners in a race. The forecast is compiled by form experts and actually, they do a very good job considering that they have to compile the forecast well in advance of racing.

Lets look at an 8 runner race and the forecast prices:

2/1 Cup Runner
3/1 Summer Time
9/2 Against The Grain
5/1 Plusone
8/1 Super Fine
10/1 This and That
16/1 Never The Twain
25/1 Winter Spree

The forecast above is an estimate only and many system users incorporate the forecast into their systems.

However, when the market becomes 'live' there is often a difference not only in the prices but also in the order in the market. Lets take a look at the live odds:

5/2 Cup Runner
3/1 Against The Grain
4/1 Summer Time
6/1 Plusone
6/1 Super Fine
16/1 This and That
25/1 Never The Twain
33/1 Winter Spree

In the live market, Cup Runner still heads the list but at slightly better odds of 5/2, Against The Grain is now second in the market and seems more respected as a danger than was previously estimated.

Note the Bookmakers margin 115% over-round (actually 114.8 but rough calculation becomes natural after a while rather than being picky) generally the odds are a bit tight.

With the advent of sites such as Betfair and other exchange sites, the traditional bookmakers have had to compete with them and now offer live prices much earlier than they used to and competition is fierce so shop around for early value.

If your selection is offered at what you consider to be a value live price then take the odds, don't wait around for a better price, back your judgement and step in.

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