Horse Racing Distance


The horse racing distance factor has a major influence on the out come of the result. Generally speaking, horses tend to need further distances as they get older, some are late maturing, others lose speed but have enough stamina to be effective at longer trips.

The horse racing distance factor should be given close attention when forming an opinion as to the likely chance of a horse in any given race.

Sprint distances require speed rather than stamina, its not such a negative factor if your selection has not won a sprint race when other factors are in its favour. Beyond 6 furlongs stamina comes more into play and as such, any horse having previously won over the distance to be contested has more of an advantage.

There are exceptions of course that pure sprinters cannot win beyond the minimum trip of 5 furlongs.

The course where the race is to take place does have an impact on the distance also, a 6 furlong sprint at Epsom (which requires a speed horse) is a different proposition to a 6f race at Salisbury which has an uphill straight.

Evidence gained from the form book as to the distance requirements should provide the clues necessary to form an opinion as to the horses chance of winning.


Masterplans career record is 15 runs and 3 wins.

It has raced over distances of 5 to 7 furlongs, its record over 5f reads 5 runs no wins, over 6f it has had 7 runs and 3 wins with 3 runs over 7f without success.

We can write it out in a clear format with the best rating achieved at that distance.



6 furlongs looks the optimum trip for Masterplan but we should not rule out 7f just yet as only 3 runs have been had over that trip and the rating is only 2lbs lower than its best rating of 86, it would be a slight negative.

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