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As Horse Racing Books go (well booklet actually) this was a little gem called The Fineform Rating Formula-The Red Wizzard, the book was written by Clive Holt, a betting professional.

The philosophy of the booklet was focused on winning horses or at least winning and good placed form, who had shown that form in the current season, this of course when Horse Racing (Flat) closed down for the winter which heralded in the National Hunt Season in properly.

Clive Holts first book Be A Successful Punter is a very good read.

Weather permitting; horse racing takes place all year round, so a little upgrade to the rules would be in need. This is also a good reason to keep up to date with the latest horse racing books on the market. The Race type (Handicap/Non handicap), size of field, staking correctly and specialisation , in this case focusing on recent Winning and Placed form horses all hold sound today.

Horse Racing Betting

I obtained a couple of other books by Clive Holt “Be A Successful Punter” and “Winners Back Winners” they are both good reads and I like his style of writing.

I wanted to read and hear about every aspect of Punting, and that still remains today as Racing continues to evolve. My Horse Race Betting experience moved on when I received a book entitled “Form Book Analysis” by M L Midgley, it sold itself as “A Do It Yourself Guide on How To Read Form” well it might be behind the times now in certain areas but the section on how to form your own speed rating is well worth on its read own, forming your own handicap is also very interesting, one of my most favourite books.

Horse Racing Strategies

John White came up with 37 Horse Racing Strategies in his book “Dark Secrets of the Turf” and they are quite diverse in nature giving ample variation to any ones betting angles.

Simple little books like “Racing to Win” by statistician and Raceforms “How to Win at Racing “ by Spectator offer sound advice and give structure to any ones betting.

“Winning Horse Racing Formula” and “Racing Systems with the Pocket Calculator” are two simple books that could change habitually bad habits from a Punters experience.

There are so many books I could recommend but shall finish with my Favourite book of all time on Racing “THE PUNTER’S REVENGE” this book is a must read, once again the data may be old but the Mathematics, the logic and sheer common sense of the book keeps it bang up to date.

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A suitable mantra for any aspiring bettor must surely be Information, Information, Information, books on horse racing abound and there are as many publications out there as there are betting angles, there is something for everyone and the wider read a person is the better informed and Amazon books has a vast amount from which to choose and at very reasonable prices.