Horse Class Ratings

Horse Class Ratings and Speed figures follow a different approach from the traditional collateral form line assesment.

Evaluating Horses one against another using collateral form lines dominates the way horses are judged and whist there is nothing wrong with it, in our search for value we have to find other ways of assesing the quality of form.

The Speed Horse is the one in the race which gets from A to B in the fastest time and Horse Class Ratings measure the quality of the Horse.

A slow speed rating does not indicate a poor performance, a high speed figure indicates a Speed Horse, combine speed and class and you have a potent combination.

Timeform produce their own speed figures as do the Racing Post under the title Top Speed and with so much racing these days it really pays to choose a rating service to gauge the Speed Horse, which will save countless hours of working out your own ratings.

What we can do though is produce our own Horse Class Ratings, ratings which show us in fairly quick time the Quality Horses in the race.

Prize money won is the value we are going to measure to produce a rating, prize money won in hundreds divided by races won, for example a horse has won £40.000 in prize money, we measure from the hundreds upwards so the figure is 400, there were 5 races in winning that prize money so we divide 400 by 5 which leaves us with a figure of 80, this is the class rating for the horse.

A simple and logical approach enables us to rate a race for class in just a few minutes using a plain calculator, allied with a chosen speed rating service you can quickly locate the Class Speed Horses in the race.

It is said that class is permanent and form is temporary, so when a horse starts to show improved running in the shape of higher speed figures its time to use the class rating method to see whether the trainer has placed the horse to win.

Its quite common to see horses producing their best ratings in races where they don’t even get placed, sometimes they are pulled along with the field but can’t quite match them in a finish but achieve a high speed figure, conversely horses can win races in relatively slow times but they are the class horse in the race so have the necessary speed in hand to win.

Note win and placed form, the speed figure obtained, plus Course, Distance and Going, factors that provide plenty of information regarding the Horses requirements for running well.

The Racing Post provide life time best Top Speed figures and that in its self can be used as a yard stick in judging whether a runner is coming back to anywhere near its best or is in fact unable to produce figures like it anymore through injury or age.

Allied to good recent form, Horse Class Ratings like the simple one above can be used to great effect.

Some horses have a greater will to win than others, a good indicator of a winning attitude is a strike rate in the high teens or better still a 20%+ success rate, sometimes horses with obvious claims on collateral form and speed ratings fail because they simply haven’t got that will to win, often running close but ultimately they are frustrating horses, ability yes, the will to win?, probably not and the strike rate will tell the story.

CLASS + SPEED + WILL TO WIN is a combination from which many winners can be found.

The higher class meetings will attract the better horses and fields will be competitive the majority of the time which is why obtaining Value about your chosen selection will always be of paramount importance.

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