Free Horse Racing Systems

Given a little time free horse racing systems can be yours which brings consistency and planning to the horse racing enthusiast. Listed below are factors in constructing a free horse racing betting system, one which you can formulate to your own taste.

Factors in constructing your Horse Racing System.

Ratings, Form or Speed ratings.

Race Type, either Handicaps or Non handicaps.

Number of Runners in the race.

Course and Distance winners.

Weight to be carried.

Age of the horse.

Previous form.

Days since last ran.

Betting forecast.

Class of Race.

You might like to specialise in a type of distance such as sprints or long distance races, build a system that suits your taste, whether it be form horses or runners that have won over the course or distance or 2 year old racing. Maybe you like the better class racing or prefer the run of the mill Stakes or Handicaps? Small, medium or large fields?

The choice is yours and the possible angles are endless. For instance, 3 factors can be combined such as Ratings, form and fitness-

For Rule 1 you might go for a top rated horse from your chosen ratings.Rule 2 could be that a horse should be placed in the first 3 last time it ran and Rule 3 could be that it raced no more than 7 days ago from the race to be contested.

So the 3 system rules would be ... Top Rated, 1st, 2nd or 3rd last time out and Raced 1 to 7 days ago.

Systems at their best can highlight your favoured type of scenario for possible investment. A rigid set of rules may at first sight not seem to fit the fluid, uncertain world that is horse racing but a great advantage from operating a system over time is that you become very aware of the type of horse needed to win under the conditions of your rules. Other factors such as Trainers, Jockeys, the Draw, and Going are most effective used as positive or negative indicators to the chance of your system qualifier.

Move your betting on with advanced betting using the Racing Paper Chaseto guide you to value selections.

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