Fineform Ratings

The Fineform Ratings formula was first sold as a small booklet containing 28 pages.

Clive Holt explains in that first booklet on the very first page in fact, the waywardness of people’s expectations regarding betting.

It says much for Clive Holt and the way he wrote his books that there is no complicated maths to deal with, the Fineform Ratings embody a common no nonsense approach to findings winners.

It has to be said though that the Fineform Ratings themselves are but a filter to which you can apply your own evaluation of a horse’s chance of success in a particular race.

In his book “Be A Successful Punter” the Fineform Ratings formula is given a full airing with the philosophy of “don’t tell me show me” which plays to the strengths of Clive Holts down to earth, common sense approach to the racing game.

This is an excellent book for anyone wanting to put their betting experience onto a more serious plain, and although the author doesn’t say so in as many words, the Fineform Ratings as a Filter is expressed in Chapter 6 entitled “The Ratings Plus Form Assessment” the chapter ends with a list of 10 pointers which guide you to the Proven, Progressive and Promising performers.

It’s a testament to his style of writing that Chapter 8 is entitled “The Preacher Practises” and you do not leave the first page without being imparted with priceless advice.

The following pages give a blow by blow account of his betting experience and although the races are now decades past, the actual racing scene remains very much the same, different class and race type exist today, some races have patchy form such as Novice races, others are handicaps with proven form, many of which still exist today albeit under a different sponsor.

The Fineform Ratings can be found in various places on the web and is provided below, but what Clive Holt imparts in this book is rarely seen in the thousands of pages written about racing on the World Wide Web.

Current Season’s two previous outings


5 points


3 points


2 points


1 point

Course and Distance success

Course and Distance

3 points


2 points


1 point

At the time this book was written there was no All weather racing and the Flat as well as the national Hunt season had clear time periods of no racing, on the all weather front, January marks a point between seasons but of course horses will have run a few days previous although the race cards will note previous season form figures such as 021- , all the racing dailies carry “days since last ran” so you’ll soon see if a potential rating can be awarded, a long lay off say 42 days plus might be a good cut off point.

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