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Betting Online has grown in popularity year on year and the advantage the computer holds are huge.

Horse racing website such as the Racing Post or attheraces gives you instant access to multiple bookmakers at the click of a button. When Betting Online, its good practice to open as many betting accounts as possible, you need not deposit vast amounts from your central betting bank, you can add money to any account in quick time in order to get that Value price. Money can be withdrawn back to your central account after a winner in order to fund another account when a similar situation arises with a different Bookmaker.

When your betting horse racing, as with other sports events, speed is of the essence, Betting Online means that you don’t have to dash down to your local betting shop to grab the price or jump into your car and get to the high street where the nearest available shop is offering the best price, no more do we need to do that.

Value Betting

From the comfort of our own homes we can access every bookmaker, get up to date information on non runners, going reports, Jockey changes etc. We can use an online betting guide of our choice, maximise each way betting opportunities, utilise betting systems to maximum effect by obtaining the best price.

We can utilise the horse racing class structure to expose an in form runner that has once again been raised in grade but has a poor record in the race to be contested at that level, providing a Lay opportunity that we can utilise via the betting exchanges where we ourselves can become bookmakers and oppose a horse we have estimated to be poor value in the market.

I firmly believe that online betting will never stop people going racing, the thrill of seeing these beautiful animals in the parade ring, hearing the thunder of hoofs charging up the straight, the shouting of odds by the bookmakers, the cheer of the crowd, there is nothing quite like going to the races.

As for betting shops, much has changed over the last decade, but you get live racing and the banter is still there amongst punters.

The online betting markets go live on the exchanges the evening before the next day meetings, sometimes it’s only for small amounts of money (at first) but it’s used by Bookmakers as a tissue for their opening shows which start to appear around 9am the next morning.

One advantage you have with the exchanges is that you can ask for a price if the odds are too short at the time you view the market, set the price and the amount you want to back and see if someone with another opinion about your selection lays the bet.

With live pictures from Racing UK and ATR or commentary from one of the racing websites like Sporting Life or Betfair you can have your own personal betting shop all in the comfort of your own home.

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