Betting Bank

The importance of having a Betting Bank set aside solely for the purposes of betting cannot be overstated.

Without doubt, betting with money you happen to have in your pocket at the time is just as bad as haphazard staking.

If your on a winning streak your just as likely to end up poorer by improper staking than if your bets were staked methodically from money specifically set aside for punting. If you are on a losing streak, with no funds set aside you are sure to end up running out of money only to see your next intended selection romp home at a decent price.

Don’t be a hostage to sods law, set aside a sum of money to bet with and stake right, your enjoyment will be 10 fold from just putting these 2 areas in order.

The losing run table can also be used to calculate the size of the betting bank for your favoured price range.

For safety reasons use the Rare losing run to calculate the bank size.

If your price range is around the 3/1 mark, you need to double the rare occurrence of losers and multiply by 10.....

This would give 3/1 average odds, 16 x 2 = 32, multiplied by 10 = 320 points.

A starting bank of 320 points is needed to bet average odds of 3/1. With a set bank we can now calculate a Maximum, Medium and Minimal stake for each bet or choose a suitable staking plan.

An investment with maximum confidence would be 16 points, a bet with medium confidence would be 8 points whilst minimal confidence would be 2 points.

Given a well thought out betting bank you have the flexibility to bet with degrees of confidence up to a maximum stake of say 5% of the betting bank, although as the odds played get higher so the maximum percentage of the bank should decrees allowing for the higher risk in backing long priced selections.

In order to bet at the most favourable odds, having more than one betting account would be a prudent move, using online betting sites with a bank of 320 points you could have 5 or so betting companies just a click away.

The same applies to Fixed Odds Betting, funds set aside solely for the purpose of betting with various accounts open to take the best price on offer.

With money and staking put in order, you are free to work on your betting predictions and with selections finalised, you can step in and place your bet.

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