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A well researched, well designed System which is implemented in the right fashion has an outstanding chance of success

A well researched, well designed System which is implemented in the right fashion has an outstanding chance of success.

Any project undertaken is best served with a goal in mind, what do you want to achieve in your betting?

What about turning your hobby into real gain? How about paying for that Summer holiday out of your winnings! It’s not much fun having success without the rewards.

Research - Design - Implementation

Collect data for research, there is a mass of information on the web at your fingertips.


Design your own systems/methods or update betting angles you have come across on the web to suit your betting style.


Implement your strategy with a well informed approach, a betting bank and betting at Value odds.


Your hobby could turn into a second income.


The pages within this site contain much of the information that is sure to be of assistance.




Best Horse Racing System
The best horse racing system is the one you create yourself.
Understanding Odds
understanding odds is a vital component when wagering on horse racing.
Horse Racing Past Performance
Evidence is the key in horse racing past performance.
Horse Racing Statistics
Horse racing statistics can provide a wealth of valuable information, from Trainers, Jockeys, Courses, and Favourites winning percentages on individual races.
Bayes Theorem
Horse Racing is a very good model for using Bayes Theorem because it deals with degrees of belief.
Betting Value
Using Ratings, be it form or speed based, can be good tools in assessing Betting Value.
Betting Strategy
Having a Betting Strategy in any sphere offers the best chance of success
Horse Racing Staking Plans
Horse racing staking plans provide a methodical approach to betting
Horse Racing TV
Horse Racing TV coverage is better than ever, not only can we watch every race live via Racing channels, Racing UK and Attheraces or in the betting shops or of course at home sat at our computers!
Horse Racing Books
As Horse Racing Books go (well booklet actually) this was a little gem called The Fineform Rating Formula
The Sportinglife Website is an excellent source of information not only for horse racing, but all the major sports are given comprehensive coverage.
Racing Form
In Horse Racing Form, we can use Collateral form lines
Racing Websites
The following are hand-picked horse racing websites and resources
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